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Last modified on 3/25/2008 12:07 PM by User.


Sxorch Beta Features

Addition - 2/26/08

For SEO purposes, a section where you could put in variables for the title and meta data would be cool. Wordpress has a plugin like this... I'll attach a screenshot

We do have variables for page titles, etc that they can place anywhere in their HTML.  However we can not have a form like this because there is no way we can easily detect where their meta tags are if they entered them in screwy.  Since they have full control of their HTML, sxorch itself loses that control and we can't have these little forms for them to fill out.  Sxorch users are web designers, so instead they would just create the meta tags themselves in the appropriate layout file.  Once we open up all the HTML for them to edit, we lose the ability to create idiot-friendly forms.  Unfortunately we can't have it both ways.  (We could if we knew 100% that users would code in valid XHTML)




Administration Navigation Station!:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Pages
  • Styling/Assets/Files Section
  • Marketing Functions
  • Account Settings
  • Payment Control
  • Reports


  1. Open: List view of all open orders with pertinent information, i.e. order number, customer name, order date, amount, status.
  2. Closed: View of all fulfilled orders with pertinent information.
  3. Cancelled/Returned: View of cancellations and returns with reason (i.e. wrong product, broken, etc... defined by user)
  4. Continuity Orders: Active and cancelled continuity orders with timestamp for regeneration.


  1. Add Product: Variations, Price, Verbiage, Assets, Initial quantity.
  2. Edit Product: Edit existing product with all options.
  3. Bulk Edit: Download to CSV file in our format. Re-upload option control
  4. Inventory Control: List view of inventory levels that can be edited. Control of out of stock status on individual products. Set reorder alert level (i.e. 5 left, send alert).
  5. Zones/Taxes: List of states with user-defined taxes. Taxes for state of residence automatically assigned.


  1. WYSIWYG Editor with control of text elements only. Editing of page title, description, and content. Pages added based on a hierarchy such as Product Page, Information Page, Blog Page, etc... with linking controls and management of where they will show up.

Styling/Assets/File Manager:

  1. Create/Edit Base Layout Template: SMARTY template
  2. Upload CSS, Images, Javascript files. Visual manager instead of FTP access, or both? 
  3. Flesh out with other ideas that you two have


  1. E-Mail: Create, edit, send for base customers; newsletter signups, and outside lists (with upload). Visual control to set where message is sent from (i.e. "Store XYZ Customer Service"), WYSIWYG editor that will insert text/assets into predefined e-mail template (which can be edited on the Styling/Assets section).
  2. Merchandising: Management of active/inactive offers. Coupons (code based), automatic offers (20% off orders over $X amount), and shipping offers (Free shipping for Event X). Time control to be controlled here (i.e. run until turned off, date range, etc.)

Account Settings:

  1. Use your best judgement. Most important would be billing options to charge the customer.

Payment Settings:

  1. Enter/choose merchant account information.
  2. Enable COD, Cash, Check Payment methods
  3. In the future, Google Checkout and Paypal control.

Shipping Setup:

  1. Shipping prices based on product weight, quantity, location, etc...)
  2. Shipping estimates based on UPS API utilizing zip code.


  1. Sales Report: Today, Yesterday, Week, Month, Date range. Information to include orders, products, revenue, shipping amount, continuity signups (if applicable), declines, etc.
  2. Shipping Report: More of the same with information on what is shipping and when.
  3. Merchandising Report: Which offers are working best. Most popular products. Average ticket price, etc...