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Feature Requests - Sxorch 1.0
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Last modified on 12/13/2007 2:00 PM by User.


Feature Requests - Sxorch 1.0

Described by: UI Page/Change Specifics: Requested Change, e.g.,

"Order page/Only viewable from Order Page: Add Widget"

Top Navigation/Global: Add a "View Site" button that opens a new tab/window with your site.

Home/Right Nav: Add reporting section for Shipping and Handling Charges, and Sales - Shipping and Handling to give more of a net.

Order Page/All orders: Ability to select orders from admin page to update order status, e.g., "Order Shipped".

Order Page/ Right Nav: Under "View" filter for "Shipped", "Returned", and "Canceled"

New Page Request: "Marketing"

  1. Automatic creation of sitemap according to structure for all stores
    1. Text box with location of sitemap, e.g., ""
    2. Links to submit sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. - Will add links here when ready.
  2. Edit functionality for Steve to add content and update links and stuff
  3. Links to different marketing resources
  4. Link to Sxorch Marketing Forums
  5. E-Mail Section for all order related e-mails:
    1. Order Confirmation E-Mail
    2. Follow-up e-mail options with scheduling - will need to discuss as a module

New Page Request: "Reports"

Will need to discuss overall options. A "one-size fits all" interface like Google Adwords uses would be nice, so custom reports aren't necessary.

General Setting/Script Build-out: In addition to the Google Analytics Account code, it would be good to add two boxes for other scripts - one for global insertion (like tracking code), and another for the thank you page (like Adwords tracking, affiliate tracking, etc.)

  • Note: Instructions would need to talk about HTTPS vs. HTTP

Global: History Log of Changes... not sure how hard this would be or how much information it would store. Perhaps it would be good to nail it down to certain changes, like adding/deleting/editing of products/pricing/account info or something like that. Something to talk about since public companies are required to hold change logs.