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Sxorch Verbiage for Site
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Sxorch Verbiage for Site

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Simplicity + Elegance = Sxorch Commerce Solutions


Sxorch is a feature laden commerce engine that allows you to create gorgeous websites without busting the bank.


Sxorch is simple, easy-to-use, and exemplifies one of the most “liquid” commerce solutions available by allowing you to easily add it to your existing infrastructure.


Whether you’re new to online business or you’re a seasoned veteran that needs an engine that can integrate with your needs, Sxorch has you covered.


Have we mentioned that it’s easy-to-use?






·         Want a pretty site without a lot of hassle? We’ll give you one in minutes

·         Flexibility in design utilizing cutting edge online technologies

·         Designers have complete control over the HTML and CSS driving the site

·         Oh yeah, it’s standards compliant, lest you wonder


Operations Management


·         Adding your product library is a breeze. Sxorch handles all aspects of product upload through our interface or as a bulk upload

·         Neat-O effects like Drag n’ Drop for product photos (and site navigation!)

·         Product variations – check. Add products with variations on pricing, weight, sizes, and more

·         Separation of Shop and Ship. Sxorch removes the clutter of fulfillment operations from itself… again, simplicity is key. Check out our fulfillment partners for a closed loop system!

·         Thumbnail generation

·         Full inventory control

·         Marketing Functions: Discounts, coupons, special offers, gift-wrapping, and more! Take a look under Marketing Features


Customer Experience and Order Management


·         Start-to-finish order management. See orders come in real time with all associated information, and then watch as they are exported, closed, and fulfilled.

·         RSS, e-mail, and a few other ways to badger you with new orders and other important notifications

·         Fulfillment information. Customers can login without clunky accounts to see exactly where their product is in the supply line

·         Full control over Order Confirmation and New Order e-mails with our system variable controls




·         A simple, stylish interface allows you to easily control the world, one website at a time

·         Real-time information from your web properties

·         Simple integration of tracking functions, e.g., Google Analytics, paid search conversion scripts, etc.

·         Full control over the creation of new asset pages within existing site. No knowledge of coding necessary

·         Heads up display offers vital information on main administration page




·         Take your shopping cart a step further – add all tracking codes necessary to run online campaigns without hiring a coder/designer

·         Generation of XML sitemap for search engine submission

·         Special offer sections allows you to create promotions and discounts – this allows for finer merchandising control and campaign tracking in one spot

·         In-line campaign tagging – see where your orders are coming without cracking open your analytics program




  Enterprise Pro Starter Trial
Pricing $449 per month $129 per month $39 per month Free – Setup and launch
Setup Fee: $0 $0 $0 $0
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Google Checkout X X X X
Transaction Fee 0.5% 1.0% 2.0 _
Asset Space 500MB 200MB 50MB 50MB


Do you have your own clients in need of a commerce engine? Call us about our private label options – (801) XXX-XXXX