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Sxorch Design Partner Program
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Sxorch Design Partner Program

Design Partner Program


Your Design, Our Platform, Residual Income


Our Design Partner Program is simple: You setup your clients using the Sxorch Commerce Platform, design their site, and we give you a cut of the action every month your client stays with us.


The more clients you have under our system, the more you’ll make. With commissions starting at 12%, and going as high as 17%, this is a great residual income opportunity for all designers in need of a stable, easy-to-use, standards compliant commerce system.


There’s nothing complicated either. Simply sign up for the program and start referring your clients with your Designer ID. We try to make it as easy as possible, so you can have your clients set themselves up, you can do it, or we can do it for you.


That’s it. Now you’re getting a portion of their access fees for as long as they stay with us.




What does it cost to enter the Design Partner Program?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free.


What do I need to sign-up?

Just information on where we need to send payment – name, address, e-mail, and tax information.


Wait a minute, you do design too!

We sure do, but rest assured that we will never poach your clients from you.


How about technical support? I don’t want to do that!

Relax, we handle it. Just make sure your client is happy with your design and we’ll handle the rest.


How will I be paid?

We pay out using check, direct deposit, or Paypal every month on qualified sales.


How long will I get credit?

Forever. As long as your client uses Sxorch, you’ll get a monthly commission.


How much can I earn?

That depends on you, how many clients can you put into our system? With a commission starting at 12% per month and going as high as 17%, the possibilities are limitless.


How do I sign up clients?

After you’re approved for the program, we send you a Designer ID to enter during client sign-up. Once entered, this flags our system to your client.


Where can I see how much I’m earning?

Simply login using your e-mail address and password and we’ll give you all the information you need: how many clients are in our system, how many active, what we’re paying you, and when you’ll get paid next.


Do I have to use you for all clients?

Nope – your choice, but we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to use us!


What if I’m part of a design group and want to resell Sxorch?

Call us to talk about private labeling options. Basically, we can set you up with your own branded setup of Sxorch for all of your clients.