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Merchandising/Coupon Manager
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Merchandising/Coupon Manager

Marketing Section -> Merchandising/Coupons | Discount Manager

Merchandising: Controls both merchandising and coupon offers. Merchandising offers take place based on user actions, such as adding a single product or multiple products to the page.

  • Name: As above
  • Active: Yes/No
  • Dates: Radio button, ongoing or date range
  • Coupon: Yes/No
    • If “Yes”, another box is added:
      • Coupon Code: User inputs coupon code needed at checkout to receive discount, such as “FREESHIP”.
    • If “No”, offer is counted as needing no coupon.
  • Types:
    • Product(s): Select single or multiple products
    • Category:
      • Example: Home & Garden
    • Note: For Product and Category types, a new box will be present, allowing user to select either products or categories to apply offer to.
    • Combination: Multiple product combo that only takes effect when all product are present, e.g., ‘Bundle Discount”
    • Pricing: If a user adds $X to cart, they will receive a certain discount, e.g., “Spend $100 and receive free shipping/X% off”
  • Discount: List of discounts from Discount Manager section

Discount Manager: Controls the available discounts available for coupons or merchandising offers.

  • Name: Name of offer, e.g., “30% Off”, “Free Shipping”, “$10 Off”
  • Types: Either a shipping or a product type
  • Discount Method: $ or %, with shipping being only a $ type offer
  • Amount: Amount of discount, e.g., “$10”