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Marketing Section - Campaigns
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Last modified on 4/24/2008 5:19 PM by User.


Marketing Section - Campaigns


I would like to have a "Campaign" section added to the Marketing section of Sxorch.

The purpose of this section is to allow users to add new marketing campaigns, which will then generate a tracking URL. The further use of this will be to allow users to input campaign spend information directly into Sxorch for future reports.

For example:

As a user, I would go to Marketing > Campaigns > Add a Campaign

I would then name it, in this case "Google Adwords". Sxorch would generate a tracking URL such as

In Google Adwords, I would then put this URL as the destination. Once a sale went through, we would be able to see the source of the order by campaign type.

That's the easy "been done" part. We would further this by then allowing users to add campaign data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

As a user I would go to Marketing > Campaigns > Add Campaign Data

I would then select the "Google Adwords" campaign.

Now I would be able to add information for either a day (select day), week, or month. Basic fields would include campaign spend.

The end result is a user could then pull a report based on campaign performance from within Sxorch which would allow them to see the following:

Date Range       Campaign         Spend         Revenue         Orders        Average Order Value (AOV)         Visits          Conversion Rate      Cost-Per-Acquisition       ROI

March               Google             $500           $1,500           30             $50                                                  1,000         3.00%                     $16.66 (spend/orders)    3.00 : 1.00 or 300%

March               Yahoo              $1,000        $2,000          20              $100                                                1,000         2.00%                     $50                                2.00 : 1.00 or 200%

This is information that as a marketer I have to jump through hoops to get right now. Additionally, while all online media outlets have this type of data availalble, it's in different formats, and I have to collect it in Excel.

It would be great to be able to generate reports to run from Sxorch with all of my data instead of multiple spots, e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN, Valueclick, CJ, etc...